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  Why Clients Choose Us
Classic execution, aligned support, and enduring benefit

Burgess Leighton offers the best practices of a large international firm combined with the intimacy of a boutique operation - to provide the advantages of both with the disadvantages of neither.

Burgess Leighton offers the professionalism and discretion of a large international firm with the personal attention of a boutique. We differentiate ourselves as follows:

Classic execution:

  • All personnel at Burgess Leighton honed their craft at either Spencer Stuart or Heidrick & Struggles and were consistently ranked in the top 20% for quality of work.
  • We faithfully follow all of the time-honored, individual steps which lead to superior results – including gathering independent references before presenting a candidate and performing a client satisfaction survey after the completion of every search.
  • Candidates are developed using industry leading “best practices” - collaborating with clients to identify target companies, obtaining specific identification of appropriate prospects at such companies, utilizing database resources from relevant searches, and extensive sourcing.
  • Our service doesn’t vary according to fee. For searches below their minimum fee, larger firms typically reduce costs by utilizing electronic means to broadcast for prospects. This saves money but does not produce the all-important reference a source provides.
  • What you see is what you get. The consultant with whom you meet is the same one who conducts the search.

Aligned support:

  • Instead of charging clients up front for one third of a placement’s estimated bonus, we wait until that bonus is actually earned. Thus you pay only for actual performance, and we have a personal stake in the excellence of our placements.
  • There are no hidden fees, charges for searches which take longer than planned, double billing for items supposedly covered in overhead charges, or other surprises. Invoices are itemized for immediate understanding, unless otherwise requested by the client.
  • With no expectations of partners or Wall Street to try to meet, we can afford to do the right thing long term for our clients.
  • The lack of high minimum fees allows us to perform work up and down the scale at a client organization, leveraging knowledge and relationships from previous work.

Enduring benefit

  • We guarantee satisfaction with our placement for at least a year, or we’ll perform the search again for expenses only. Other firms will do the same if you request it, but our guarantee is a standard part of every confirmation letter
  • After a search is complete we remain committed to the success of the process, checking regularly with both the client and the placement to ensure mutual satisfaction. Furthermore, we have a vested financial interest in the superior performance of our placements.
  • We continue to provide consultative resources after a search to our clients – at no additional charge. Examples of such services include:
    – Providing comparative compensation information
    – Conducting interviewing skills workshops
    – Advising on sales training and conducting workshops
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