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Executive Search, Board Services, and Assessment Services

Our range of services falls into three main categories:

Executive Search

For boards and organizations who understand that the most efficient and profitable use of their time is to select the best fit from a handful of highly qualified, thoroughly screened candidates, executive search is the obvious answer. Clients find exactly what they want and need, versus choosing from applicants or job seekers. Additionally, the management team is freed up to move the business forward instead of doing legwork better left to professional specialists

Board Services

What are the characteristics of high-performing boards? How do new board members receive appropriate training so as to contribute meaningfully from the start? How can desired changes in structure be put in motion, especially where constraints exist? How can an organization find an appropriate director with the skills and qualifications to fill a current need or gap on the board? Burgess Leighton has solid experience in providing superior solutions to all of these questions.

Assessment Services

  • Clients typically choose to evaluate existing executive talent in their own or a target firm for one of the following reasons:
  • To benchmark the strength of their organization versus competitors in the same sector,
  • Before a potential acquisition to assess the quality (and gaps) of the team in place at the target company so that the acquirer may formulate a more accurate offer,
  • During an acquisition or merger to perform due diligence, or
  • After a merger to determine those team members whose skills, experience and cultural fit are most appropriate for the new vision and mission

In all cases employee receptivity to having such assessment performed by a neutral, professional firm is very high, since the process removes internal politics from consideration.

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